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Greenscape Capital Group increases environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and profitability of companies and their operations. Greenscape Capital is focused on dramatically increasing the profitability of commercial facilities through enhanced energy efficiency and environmental best practices. When marked opportunities arise, Greenscape also invests in other companies that operate in the environmental space, providing strategic capital and business advisory services to assist companies in achieving their environmental and corporate goals.


Parking, Planet, Profit™

Propark America is helping to pioneer the parking industry into a green, sustainable context. Our "Parking, Planet, Profit™" model of parking management services seeks to couple forward-thinking, sustainable initiatives with our signature high-touch service delivery. Environmental awareness is a monumental advancement where sustainability is the result of a very simple practice – reduce consumption. Propark believes that environmental sustainability is simply the more profitable course for a business to chart, resulting in parking's new triple bottom line: Parking, Planet, Profit™.

A prime example of this philosophy can be found at Canopy Airport Parking, which services Denver International Airport. Arguably the world's greenest parking facility, Canopy utilizes Juice Bar™ electric vehicle charging stations, energy-efficient LED lighting, a comprehensive recycling program, a solar panel farm, wind turbines and CNG shuttle busses. Discerning travelers appreciate the efforts put forth to reduce our carbon footprint and develop brand loyalty as a result. This philosophy translates into an enhanced bottom line for our clients through a targeted mix of expense reduction and revenue optimization. To find out more about how Propark can similarly impact your bottom line, click here to request a proposal.

Propark is proud to be a Platinum Launch Partner of the Green Parking Council (GPC). The GPC is a national 501(c)(3) organization providing leadership and oversight for the green conversion of parking facilities to sustainable, environmentally responsible assets. The GPC is dedicated to expanding green parking practices through developing certification and credentialing programs, open-sourced standards, professional leadership and educational development and training for organizations and individuals in the parking industry. The GPC works at the intersection of parking, green building, clean technology, renewable energy, smart grid infrastructure, urban planning and sustainable mobility. By challenging the industry to collaborate and create open-sourced, sustainable best practices, GPC encourages exceptional industry transformation through partnerships, creativity and ingenuity.

Green Initiatives

Click here to view Propark America's corporate environment policy.
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Propark joins the City of New Haven in promoting bicycle commuting
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Environmental Conservation and Eco-Friendly Practices are Integral Components of Propark's Corporate Ethos. Today's world presents many inherent challenges that have to be dealt with on a daily basis in order to preserve the environment in which we all live. Propark has a commitment to helping protect the natural world via eco-friendly means.

Solar-Powered Parking Equipment
Propark uses non-polluting, solar-powered parking equipment at many locations, nationwide.

Environmentally Friendly Shuttle Buses
Propark is transitioning its numerous shuttle bus fleets over to environmentally friendly models which use eco-friendly propane or clean-burning natural gas.

Green Carwash
Propark has converted all of its carwash operations to Green Carwash, which uses a water-recapture system and biodegradable cleaning products.

Renewable Energy Sources
Propark is actively involved in the research process of having entire parking facilities operating with wind power technology. Additionally, Propark is pioneering a revolutionary solar-powered covered airport parking facility.

Discounted and Complimentary Parking
Propark offers a discounted parking rate for patrons who choose to drive economical gasoline/electricity hybrid vehicles and offers free access for people who choose to commute via bicycle.

Recycling Initiatives
Propark locates recycling bins at many parking facilities and produces much of its corporate collateral on recycled paper (using soy-based inks for printing). Plastic bottles for Propark's bottled spring water are made from 100% recycled plastic and parking tickets are produced from recycled ticket stock.

Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation
Propark uses energy efficient bulbs for facility lighting. Additionally, Propark uses low flow water systems for facility bathrooms and garage cleaning equipment.

Renewable Energy Credits
Propark purchases renewable energy credits at a premium and uses these to support green power at some parking facilities.

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